Olivia Kemp

I arrived in the Beaufortain 4 years ago to work, and little by little, I fell in love with this place that combines everything I need. I have been passionate about mountain biking for a few years so the location is ideal and I the mountains are my playground. Whether that be cycling or skiing.  There is something very special and serene about being in these mountains.

I spent four years promoting the beauty and highlights of Les Saisies through working for the tourist office. However, I felt there was more and I was looking for a way to share my passion for mountain biking and my commitment to this valley. I wanted to be able discover and make available the greatest number of mountain bike opportunities that there is to offer. That’s how the idea of ​​creating “Up’n’Down” was born. I hope you enjoy your stay in the Beaufortain!

Deborah Motsch

Do not be fooled by these looks!  She knows the Beaufortain back to front and there is not a decent that would scare her, quite the contrary. Adept at showing you beautiful views and sharing good humour, in addition to finding the most beautiful trails to make your day. But will you manage to follow her …?!

Simon Hanoux

He is nicknamed the ‘Trail Ninja’ as he is in pursuit of the ultimate trail.  On a bike this little guy literally goes everywhere.  We will not challenge you to imitate him but simply to follow and enjoy.  This geologist can find you the most avant garde short cuts whilst keeping you on course

The beginings

Up N Down was born out of the desire to share the beauty of this amazing mountain region with the love of going downhill very fast on a mountain bike.  After several years of enjoying and exploring the trails, the lack of any formal means of getting bikers back to the top became apparent.

Upndown started in the spring of 2018 and offers transport of mountain bikers to the top of the marked trails of the Beaufortain valley – the mountain bike shuttle.  You spend the day coming down and we take you back up again.

Up N Down is a driver, a 9 seater minibus and an 8 space trailer at your disposal to allow you to do the downs and we do the ups.